Monday, November 1, 2010

Personal and Parenting

God has been dealing with me about parenting lately. I have been feeling like I am not doing enough to lead my family to Christ for a long time, but only moderately convicted about it. Last week I felt like it was worse, and began to ask seriously introspective questions. Do my kids think that I think Christ is the awesomist (I realize this is not a word, just using the language that I would use to explain the concept to my kids) thing in the world? Do Erika and I communicate to them that the reason that we do most of what we do is because we love Christ? Is this really the case? Do I do what I do because I think Christ is the awesomist!

Then our Sunday School teacher was teaching this week on our union with Christ and how that crosses into many sphere's of our lives. And he was asking if we as parents are leading our kids to have a personal walk with Christ, and not only a corporate walk, and a family walk with Him? Wow! God just really convicted me that because I have really good, easy going, relatively obedient, and well-behaved children, that I am lax on my intentional efforts to ensure that my kids know Christ as the most worthy and valuable being in the universe, and long to be with Him, serve Him, and lay down their lives for Him.

And I know that if I fail at this (I realize theologically that my children's eternity does not rest entirely on me, but that I have enormous responsibilities to be faithful and diligent in this area, and God will use that in conversion), I will let down generations of my offspring and thousands more souls that they will affect, should the Lord tarry. I do not want to look back at my life in fifty years thinking that I had a great ministry, even raised great kids, but that their faith was not a sold-out, world-altering, sin-killing, generation-crossing passion for Jesus.

So I desire your prayers as I try to put the emphasis on the most important things...

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  1. Jason,

    I can so relate to your hearts desire for your children and the responsibility that we, as God-fearing parents, bear in being authentic, growing disciples(witnesses) for our kids to SEE! I want this up-coming generation to have audacious faith...who have the bold faith to believe that mountains can move, seas can be parted, and the blind can see. I want my girls to be spiritual champions....I pray that over them!!! I will settle for nothing less than God's perfect plan for their lives....I go to war for them often. God has positioned me, as their mother, to be a watchman on the wall....I take my God-ordained and appointed position seriously....knowing full well there is too much at stake if I get lazy or complacent!
    Great post!
    One generation shall praise Your works to another (Psalm 145:4)