Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biblical Observations

This morning I was reading in Luke 4. And I noted twice in that chapter, Luke points out that Jesus is filled by/under the control of the Holy Spirit, vv. 1 & 14. Then Jesus notes it about Himself as he reads from Isaiah in the synagogue, v. 18.

Just a couple of thoughts with that in mind. Jesus did a lot of preaching under the power of the Spirit (in fact, he said that he was sent to do the work of preaching). When He preached He proclaimed the "good news" of His coming (freedom to the captives, sight to the blind, healing to the broken, gospel to the poor, justice for the oppressed), He wasn't afraid to give hope with grand statements about the power of God in their lives. And at the same time, He made people angry as he said hard things; so much so that they wanted to kill Him. People were repeatedly astonished at His teaching and the authority by which He taught. Under the power of the Spirit He also slapped the demons around and healed the sick. Again, astonishing people with the power of God through the Spirit. All of this in Luke 4.

So I was just reminded of the necessity of the Spirit's ministry in our lives. I wonder sometimes if we really desire and plead for the filling of the Spirit. Do you dwell in the presence, filling, and power of the Holy Spirit of God?

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