Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Night Update from Peru

Had a good, but long day here. God's faithfulness was put on display again. It is so obvious that He is working and establishing His church in Molinos. This morning we went to Molinos, but the mayor never showed up (not unusual), so we are going to try again on Wed morning. We made some good contacts on the visits we made. Then we went and saw the trout farm in Molinos (everyone in town was telling us to go). It was a trout farm, with American Trout. We are going to go back and eat some trout on Wed.

After Molinos, we took the group to Acolla, Marco (saw another festival there, complete with mountains of beer, dancing people, and marching bands), Tunanmarca, and finally to Pomocancha. God was really speaking to the group about future ministry.

Then tonight we were at Olga's to meet with the church. We had about 11 kids and 17 adults! It was great! We sang together, heard the Word together, ate and fellowshipped together, and three people came to know Christ! So we had an awesome day!

Food is good, scenery is spectacular, everyone is well (very tired, but not sick), and looking forward to tomorrow (when it gets warm again, don't remember it being this chilly last time I was here in the summer). Tomorrow we go to Julcan to meet with the mayor and city council there. Then we will make some visits, maybe go to Masma, and do a movie night at the auditorium there. Pray for the believers in Julcan, they are very scattered, and need a fresh start, and pray that the events of tomorrow will aid in that.

We are so thankful for your support in prayer. It means a lot to us, and I know that God is and will answer the prayers of His children, as you intercede for us. Please don't grow weary, but persist in intercession for us! Pray for physical strength and rest, as well as advance of the gospel.

Trusting Him,


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