Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Night Update from Jauja, Peru

Praise the Lord for His infinite mercies,

It was a long couple of days for the team as we have finally arrived at our destination. We were late to our flight in ORL, then the Colombians weren't sure they were going to let us fly. Then when we got to Lima at 1 am, the airport transportation was a no-show. And the hotel also decided they couldn't accommodate us either. But God was on top of it all, and we got settled in about 3 am at another hotel.

Long drive over the mountain today. Beautiful scenery! It was the clearest it has ever been up there in several trips today. But the change in elevation along with the 7 hr drive about did us in. But we are all about to get some rest.

Driver is great, always so good to see Oscar again (he is so excited that we are here). Good to see David and Cameron and Pete, and Juan too! Oscar was excited about his new accordion, and we got to eat some tres leches tonight. Everyone seems to be physically well, keep that in prayer.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with the mayor and city council of Molinos in the morning, and also make a couple of home visits. Then we are taking the afternoon and going to some of the villages that have no churches other than Molinos and Julcan. Then tomorrow night we get to worship with the church at Olga's house. I am so pumped to worship alongside these new believers and see the fruit of our labor and prayer for the last three years.

So pray for favor in the eyes of the leadership of Molinos. We are going to share the gospel with the city council and mayor publicly tomorrow for the first time. Also pray for the individuals that we will minister to tomorrow. Pray for Bruno, our hostal owner, as he is lost and needs to know Christ, and our van driver too, Amelio. Pray for the leading of the Spirit of God as we see other towns that need Christ. Pray for Oscar that God would grant him a great vision of the future of these churches!

Thanks for your faithfulness!


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