Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prayer for Peru Trip

Sorry that I have been so slack on getting this post out for prayer for our upcoming trip to Peru. But regardless of my irresponsibility, we desperately need your prayer support.

Four of us (John Farrar, John Hughes, Ron Lawhon, and myself) will be leaving Sat morning to drive to Orlando to catch a plan to Lima. After our customary two days of travel to get to Jauja, we will preach on Sunday night, then spend three days working in Molinos and Julcan.

Our main emphasis will be to check on how our baby church plants are doing, how they are being cared for, and their future plans. We want to help Oscar determine how to move forward, and how to develop leaders. We are still in that phase of our work there where we are transitioning from evangelism and modeling to helping them make disciples and watching them work. We will be doing a community movie or two, and making some visits to homes, but our primary focus is to strengthen the church and Oscar.

So pray for:
  • Advancement of the gospel
  • Spiritual strength of our team
  • Movie nights and home visits
  • 3 church plants - 2 in Molinos, 1 in Julcan
  • Oscar, and the other Peruvians that come to help us
  • Normal logistical concerns - travel, airplane times, baggage, etc.
  • Health for each of us, no sickness, no seizures. Two of us have never been to this area before
  • Our busy schedule, short trip, 7 days
Thanks for your prayers! We will keep you updated through this blog, Facebook, and email. If you are interested in getting email updates, you can send me your email address. Also, you can join the Facebook group "Praying for the Central Andes of Peru."

May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering,


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