Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Night Update from Jauja, Peru

Hey all,

We have had another great day in the Lord here in Peru. I had a rough night, and wasn't feeling the best through the morning. But I slowed down some, and am getting back to normal. And praise the Lord, no one else felt bad. This morning we were snubbed again by the mayor and city council in Julcan, but we took the opportunity to go through the town inviting people to the movie night. It was a good morning.

We got to have lunch with Pastor Moises, and spend some time with him. Then we all began strategizing about the work in Molinos and Julcan and the rest of the east side of the Mantaro River. Then John and I discussed our involvment in it. It was a very productive time, and will bring forth fruit. So we decided to find another way around to Masma and Julcan, and saw some more beautiful countryside. God displayed Himself so wonderfully in the making of the Yacus, Yanamarca, and Mantaro Valleys.

Tonight we did the movie night in Julcan. It wasn't as well attended as previous times there, but the response was better. Many came to know Christ, and stayed around to talk about that commitment.

Now we are back, although some have gone out to find dinner. We are looking forward to doing more work in Molinos tomorrow. We hope to minister in the area around Oscar's house. We also will meet with the former mayor of Molinos. Then a movie night in Molinos to close out our time in Jauja. Be in prayer for Amelio our driver, I think God is working on him.

May God's mercy be continued upon us,


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