Monday, October 4, 2010

The Greatest Baptist Deception

I preached a message this week on the greatest baptist deception. It was really just a catchy title that dealt with Paul's exhortation to the Corinthians in 6:9-11 to "not be deceived." So I posted the title on Facebook as an invitation for people in Tifton to come to gather with us at New River and hear the message. And I got some interesting perspectives about what the greatest deception might be.

The opinions posted are not necessarily those held by the author of this blog, but I want to share them with you; many were thoughtful, some were funny. One said premillenial dispensationalism, one paid pastors and staff, one denominationalism, one bibliolatry, one said deacon lead churches, and one said the toleration of arminians and "devil-worshiping Freemasons."

So I will pose the question to my blog readers: what would you say is the greatest deception or heresy that Baptists are tripped up in (or any evangelicals for that matter)?

You can listen to my message or get the notes here, but I will try to fill you in on it after everyone gets a chance to read it. And I am going to consider the question some over the next few weeks and give more of answer to what I really think is the greatest baptist deception...

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