Thursday, April 28, 2016

What They Meant For Evil, God Meant For Good

Famous words of Joseph in Genesis 50:20 are used in many situations to deal with the sovereignty of God, especially as it relates to betrayal, suffering, or persecution. I want to write and testify, not simply about the theological perspective, but about our response to it. I know that there are billions of things that we should thank God for every day all across the globe based on who He is and what He has done. However, I want to continue to praise Him, and declare His glory for something that which He did in my life.

I was reading this morning about praying for your enemies, and the most recent attack upon me came to my mind. Immediately, the deliverance that came on the heels of this great betrayal from a friend, burst through in my mind. Psalm 30 captures the idea of a grateful David after attack and hardship and prayer. He shares of the deliverance of God, and his determination to share it with others. Twice, in Psalm 30:5 and in Psalm 30:11-12, joy from pain is expressed.

We had experienced the depth of deception and behind the scenes attacks. Tears streamed down our faces. Anger filled our minds. Desperation filled our voices as we cried out to our God. The Holy Spirit was our comfort and rest as we trusted in Him. Our eyes were fixed on the problem, which wasn't supposed to be a problem, and suddenly was, and because of a friend's design of our failure. I don't mean to be overly dramatic, I know that many have gone through so much more. On this occasion, for us, it was the sustenance of our family on the line.

BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy, had not only us, but others in mind as He revealed and brought about His plan for provision. He had us in mind as our faith needed to be strengthened. He had the righteous anger of some in mind. He had the earthly giver/provider in mind as heavenly treasure would be stored up (even working in his life for two years). He had workings through the testimony that would be given to His glory. He had work to do exposing sin in places. In fact, He will even work in the life of the persecutor. We don't usually think about that one. Even the Pharisees knew that; because in Acts 5:39, they said one cannot fight against God and win. So, God may bring the betrayer to the knowledge of the sin they have committed.

Just let me testify again to the goodness of my King. The inexplicable blessings He bestows on me. How weak my faith is, but how faithful He is. He is my sufficiency and satisfaction come feast or famine, and I can say that better now that I could months ago. A lesson that we should also think about is that sometimes restraint from provision is provision. Maybe I'll write about that someday.

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