Monday, December 28, 2015

Sanctity of Life Month

January 21st marks 43 years since the Roe vs Wade decision that legalized abortion. Since then over 58 million babies have been put to death, making what should be the safest place in the world, the most dangerous. January is Sanctity of Life Month.

The Pregnancy Care Center of Tiftarea continues to work in the trenches to save these unborn children from the terrible choice that is offered to their mothers. This year when all the numbers are in, we will have seen over 70 mothers that were considering abortion choose life for their children. We do this through trained counselors, ultrasounds, medical personnel, medical testing, referral services, and others.

The way that we are able to do these things is with the generous donations of churches, individuals, businesses, as well as fundraisers. By the way, there are still a couple of days left for year-end donations to help us finish out our year-end campaign; we still need about $4000. In January many of our supporting churches join us in the Baby Bottle Boomerang. Thousands of dollars are raised for our center by simply collecting change. We take this fundraiser very seriously because it is super important to our budget. Over the upcoming days your church may receive a call from our center asking about the number of bottles you want to have for this year. Please aim for a higher goal than last year. Send them out with your children as they go home after church. Put one in each of the Sunday School classes. Leave them on foyer tables for people to take with them. However you do it, make sure and put your two cents in :-)

Another thing that Sanctity of Life month brings is opportunity for churches to take advantage of our staff and the season, and have a speaker come in to share. Our expert staff can help raise awareness, explain our ministry, equip your people, and offer Jesus Christ as the true solution for abortion and the cause for life. I hope you will consider an outreach in this way. If there is any way that we can help, please don't hesitate to call, email, or stop by. Click the link above to learn all about us.

Looking forward to more new lives coming into the world in 2016 that otherwise would not,

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