Monday, November 30, 2015

The End Does Not Justify the Means

Recently, the abortion issue has been destabilized with the shooting of a mass shooting at an abortion clinic. Unfortunately, the timing is so terrible. Just when the pro-life movement seemed to be gaining so much steam with the videos released detailing the abhorrent selling of aborted baby parts, this happens. This man has done the movement no favors. In fact, he has done it much harm.

Because I labor in the trenches of the pro-life movement, I want to echo the cry of many Christian leaders and pro-life supporters: there is no justification for these actions. Even though at least 3,000 babies are killed every day in our country, killing others who may be abetting in this atrocity is not the way. The image of God is upon every man, and even God forbade people from avenging the blood of Abel by the murder of Cain. The image of God makes every life sacred; that is the principle upon which we stand as biblical Christians. Exodus 9:6

In our minds, often many "good" things are justified, even though we might have to cut corners ethically to achieve those ends. We might tell a "little" lie to "protect" a loved one from the truth. We might break the speed limit, so that we can get to church on time. We might avoid another brother or sister in Christ in order to keep the peace, rather than dealing with the issue and forgiving. We might lose our temper and be harsh with another to get them back in line.

Listen: the ends do not justify the means. We must maintain a biblical standard. We must maintain our integrity. We must maintain our convictions. If we do not, we will be hypocrites, and seen as such. We will have stooped to the level of those that we oppose. Let us with one voice condemn these murders just as we do the genocide of millions of babies each year. May the Lord protect us from others like him, and glorify Himself through the reactions of His saints.

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