Friday, April 3, 2015

The Wrath of God Was Satisfied

There is a word that is not used much in Baptist pulpits, maybe because people are not taught hard theological words, but it should be. Hard words and doctrines should be taught, but this word maybe most of all.


I looked it up in the dictionary, and even it is not real clear on it. It means "satisfaction." In the Christian sense of the word, as used in Rom 3:25, it means something that satisfies the wrath of God. This is the way that God was able to pass over sins and remain just. He pronounces believers in Jesus "justified" or "righteous" and he can't do that and remain a just judge. So the wrath that is directed toward the sin (a wrath that must flow from God's pure hated of sin, that is something else that is horribly under-emphasized) is not simply taken away, it is spent. God spent the wrath stored up from all the cosmic treason that has ever and will ever be committed upon his son.

So, today, remember, the wrath of God was satisfied because of you, because of the offence to the glory of God, and so that God could be just and the justifier of those that cast all their hope upon him.

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