Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Peru Summary

Well, I have waited too long to write down the awesome things that God did while on our last mission trip to Peru. But hopefully, at least some of you have received updates through our prayer distribution list (in you want to be on that list just email me), or through the group on Facebook "Praying for the Central Andes of Peru." But if you didn't, I wanted to give you a brief summary.

We had a great trip! The providence of God in providing, saving, and meeting all the right people at the right time was spectacular! We saw a couple of dozen people come to Christ simply sharing the gospel "in the way." And several of them were men, heads of their households (another thing we have been praying for). A house was provided for Oscar at no charge, so we cleaned it up. Meeting places were secured the first day out, which is something that we have been trying to secure (unsuccessfully). Evidence was clear that these past two years of labor there was producing some lasting fruit.

We were very encouraged at the work that Oscar is doing, the relationships he is building, and the care and concern for the people that he is showing. Oscar has been our man on the ground there since December. He is working on our church plants there, and now has three church meetings on Sundays in Julcan and Molinos. We are so excited for him. His residence now is complete with a dirt floor in the bedroom, an outdoor kitchen, a squatty potty, and six beehives...but it's free.

We were able to get into the schools again to share the gospel with the kids. And this really paid off, as many of the kids brought their parents to the meeting. We had a great meeting with the city council, and the doors of ministry there are still open wide. Our travel and accommodations were virtually without incident. And only one of our group got really sick before we got home. And we had several days without rain in a rainy season that has been heavier than normal!

All in all, God was so faithful, we are so grateful for His work and your prayer, and we are already looking forward to going back again in the summer. If you are interested let me know!

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