Monday, October 4, 2010

After 3 Wives, What's One More...

Just a thought that I had: if you got three wives (and twelve kids) in one family and one house, and that is working for you, why would you mess it up by trying to add another one?

Erika and I have been fascinated (not as though we think this is a good idea) and dumbfounded as we have watched this new reality show called Sister Wives on TLC. I guess mostly out of curiosity we tuned in the first week, and this watched it again last night. It has led to some interesting discussions!

Questions...lots of questions. We have been trying to understand how this could work. Knowing that reality shows are not usually reality, also been wondering what it is really like. Also been identifying with them on some level as one who holds beliefs that society at large disagrees with. Also wondering why you would want to put your family through that kind of exposure. Also, we are amazed that very little "religion" is mentioned. One wife even commented that if her children wanted "no religion at all" that was fine with her! I know that the Mormon church wouldn't be down with that. Also wondering how they are not arrested. Also wondering "what is this guy thinking?" I mean there seems to be no way possible to juggle all these wives and children and job and find time to keep them all happy, and court a new wife all at the same time! Just seems like a lot of undue strain and pain on wives that you love (is that possible?) and their children.

I know a lot of "normal" has to do with how you were raised, but my brain is still crazified (like that word?) from the shock of it all...


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