Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Relationship To Win

Recently we had a really cool example of God rescuing a church member from the brink of (or at least the potential danger of) spiritual disaster in the wake of some devastating circumstances in their life. And I wanted to share it with you.

We have been doing triads in our church for several years now. And that has produced some wonderful relationships, and some disciples for Christ, and catapulted others into spiritual growth. And I am convinced that this is what rescued this person spiritually.

The three of them were meeting regularly when a huge bump in life's road made it difficult for this person to gather with the church. But their triad kept meeting. For weeks the triad was the only thing that was consistent spiritually. And now after many weeks, still going in the triad, he has been restored unto the weekly gathering of the church. It seems like such a hard thing to do to get people back that struggle like this, but God used the triad to do it.

Do you know what the main component was that so powerfully worked in this situation? Good, theologically solid material? Nope. Weekly structure and prayer? Nope. RELATIONSHIPS. The relationships within the triad were the saving grace that drew back the wanderer.

As a shepherd, I am just glad to feel like a situation like this turned out well! So, whether it is a triad ministry or not, build deep relationships with those that you gather with. This is not just a good idea, but what sharing life together as the body of Christ is all about!


  1. Jason,

    I don't understand what he was restored to.. or what needed restoring. It sounds to me that he was meeting with the church weekly (which I don't think is a necessary requirement to being right with God).

    btw, what's up with the flames?


  2. Jason,

    I was hoping you would reply to Lew. Perhaps there was some other sin in this brother's life. But you only mentioned that he was "restored unto the weekly gathering of the church." But, it also seems that he was faithfully meeting with the church, and in a way that provided him, in your own words, "what sharing life together as the body of Christ is all about."

    So... what was missing? What needed restoration? If he was getting what sharing life together as the body of Christ is all about, then why did he need anything else?


  3. Guess I shouldn't have used the word "wanderer"

    I didn't respond to Lew on purpose. I really try to write in language that will pacify you two (and Dan), and prevent you from picking apart everything I say. Because I know that you will read what I write in a thoughtful way, and I really do appreciate that. But I guess this is a more difficult task than I realized...

    Love you guys! :)

  4. Jason,

    Interesting. Actually, I don't think the task is difficult at all. I was asking questions to try to understand what your concern was.

    By the way, I agree with what you said about "triads," although I wouldn't necessarily limit it to three, nor would I end them after a certain time.


  5. Hey Jason,

    I'm not trying to pick apart what you said. I was seriously wondering what this man was restored to. It sounded like you were saying that he was restored to the Sunday meeting of the church. But it appeared that he was already meeting with the church. And it seemed like you were saying that if this man stopped attending the Sunday meeting, it would be spiritual disaster for him.

    And I was seriously asking about these flames :)

    God Speed,