Friday, September 10, 2010

His ways are not always our ways

My hope and intention was to go back to Peru this fall and spend some face time with my disciplers there. I wanted to encourage them, disciple them, train them, and strategize with them, and felt (and still feel) like this is a necessary and helpful thing.

But all the pastors and others that said they were going have all with one accord began to make excuse. I had one that told me he would go, but not to make plans just for him. Really bummed.

And somewhat confused. Doesn't God want me to continue carry the gospel to the ends of the earth? Didn't our team decide that we need to make about 3-4 trips a year there in order to equip the saints there and evangelize the area? So why prevent me from going on a trip that I had plans to go on?

Pro 16:9 A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. As with many other occasions in my life where things don't go as I planned, I can add this to the list. With the baby here now, and knowing my need to stay here and help Erika and minister to the family, I can see some of the reasons God might direct my path not to go. And maybe I need to be reminded that I/we are not necessary for God to work in this areas, or maybe the Peruvians need to be reminded that God is enough, or maybe harm would come to us, or maybe financially it is not the best decision now. I don't know, but I trust Him, maybe that is all He wants: to teach me afresh to trust in Him. Knowing myself all too well, I am always in need of that reminder.

May the Lord build His church in Julcan and Molinos in the Yacus Valley of Central Peru!

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  1. Pastor Jason,

    I believe I understand where you are coming from. We as believers try to do what we can for Christ and desire others to back us up...but its a tough road when those who were with you, all of a sudden are not. The fact that you are a pastor only increases this, as you deal with leading people and trying to get them to follow on a regular basis. On that aspect, I cannot relate. But I would imagine that there are times that we all would do great things for the cause of Christ if we could only get a few people to go with us. I, too, fall short in leading...and following.

    That being said, you are so right about how His ways are higher than ours. Who knows what could have happened if you had been able to make the trip...maybe good...maybe bad. Fact is, sometimes opportunities come and whether we miss them or they miss us, our paths do not cross. All I know is that there is a God somewhere up there who was not surprised about the trip not being made. He knows all because He is all.

    I want to encourage you to stay the course and continue to have faith in Christ, and let Him sort out all the "kinks." Easier said than done, I know. But even in my young age, I know that holding fast to the promise of a better tomorrow will pay off one day sooner or later.

    Love you in Christ,
    Justin S.