Monday, December 7, 2009

Mission Accomplished! Part 2

One of the other things that we felt like we accomplished while in Peru in November was that we distributed a lot of copies of the bible. We had given out lots of New Testaments while we were there in August. And while following up with many of these who received bibles in August, Miguel found that they couldn't do all their bible study because they didn't have the Old Testament. So we decided that we should fix that. So here are several shots of people receiving these blue Spanish bibles that we gave out in Nov. You can not go wrong distributing the Word of God, for it never comes back void, but always accomplishes what it is sent to do. One of these shots is with the mayor of Julcan, and we believe that God is truly working in his life, and are praying that he comes to Christ, and makes a bold step of a public profession soon.

Just by the way, I put all our pictures (well, the best of them) to a song, and put them in a video, and put it up on YouTube. You can see that here.

Another goal that was reached while there was that we spent some time training our Peruvian church planting team with a methodology for truly making disciples. We sat down in the town square for an hour or two working with them about how to begin discipleship triads, just like we are doing at New River BC, A Place Called Hope, & Fair Haven PBC. (If you are curious about what we are talking about, check out my blogs on Greg Ogden's Discipleship Essentials, and how well it is going at our churches here, here, here, and especially here) We are hoping that among the leadership, and among the congregations once they actually get started, disciples will be intentionally made.

While we were there, we made some great friendships with our Peruvian workers, and got to meet and spend a lot of time with several great IMB personnel who are very instrumental in our work there in the Central Andes. These are just some of the side benefits of being on mission with God to reach unreached people.

So, we already mentioned going back in March and probably late June. Several of you have inquired about going with us--and you are welcome to come; in fact we need your help. Here is what you need to know about arrangements for our next two trips. For the March trip our dates will be 13-20, 2010 and the cost will be between $1300-$1500, depending on the plane ticket costs. We need people who know baseball to come in March to help us put on a camp during the day. We need people who can teach English while we are there (as training for our Peruvians and a mode of outreach.) We also need those of you who can help us teach and baptize while we are there, for our prayer is that we begin the church in March. And we also need those of you who can help us do all these things! We don't need your money in until we leave in March, but we need to know by about Christmas if you are going for sure, so we can order tickets.
If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me, and I will do my best to answer them. If you need further info just call. We haven't had anyone have any trouble raising the funds to go. Where God guides, He provides! If you need to gain direction about going, just look here, and you will know that there are thousands of Peruvians in the Yacus and Yanamarca Valleys that are in need of a gospel witness and a self-sustaining, self-replicating church. And you could be one of those who bring it there.

Also doing a medical mission (maybe) in late June, prepare for that if that is where your gifts or your heart lie. Thanks for reading, keep praying for us and for the Yacus Valley!

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