Friday, August 14, 2009

Peru Trip Aug 2009 I

Before I could start this post, I had to sit down and think about what to say when, because the trip was awesome! And there is no way that I could put it all down in one post, especially with the pictures. I will try to do one entire post with just lots of pictures so that you can experience the beauty of Peru (although I know that the pictures will not do it justice.)

The trip began in a very strange and confusing way. We had two of our team members drop out at the last minute (one for illness, and one for family). Little did we know that this was only the first manifestation of the spiritual attacks that we would endure on this trip (more to come later). But on our first night in Jauja, we met with Pastor Moises and Miguel (two local leaders in the regional capital, the nearest city to our valleys). And we found out two things: 1) schools were on an extra week of vacation because of swine flu (and our trip was geared toward speaking in several schools and giving out school supplies), 2) that there were at least three other mission groups (including our partner church from Canada) working in Acolla. This just messed up most of our plans! But good thing that we are not working off of our plans, but His! And the fields were definitely white unto harvest!

We also had a conversation with John Wilson (the IMB Journeyman near our area) that really changed our thoughts about our ministry strategy there.

So we asked Pastor Moises where He felt like there were other areas in our area that needed work. And since we already felt like we needed to visit the other district capitals in our valley, that is what we decided to do. So on Sunday afternoon we began our trek to Tunanmarca, Yanamarca, and Pomacancha. AND GOD WAS SILENT. That was a scary time. The scenery was beautiful, and the people were wonderful, but God didn't speak. And we were determined to work where God was working and leading, and not just where we thought it good to work.

Then came Monday. Our deliverance was coming. We went to the towns of Molinos, Julcan, and Masma. This was the area that Pastor Moises had suggested slightly to the east of Jauja with no evangelical churches. We missed the first mayor, but when we got to Julcan, the doors opened wide, and God spoke. God is working there in the mayor's heart. He had been reading the bible for two years wanting to understand it (kinda reminds you of the Ethiopian Enuch, huh?). We asked if we could come to the town and show a gospel movie for everyone. He welcomed us, and told us that he would personally send letters to all the other mayors in his district inviting them and their towns! Then he asked if we could do something for the children! And we told him that we came prepared with a values talk and schools supplies. He was thrilled, and called in the vice mayor to plan the whole thing. John said that he had never seen a mayor do that. And to top it all off, Don found a Peruvian dime (that means God spoke to Don, he was our prayer walker), and Geoff, Kayla, and Margaret had great experiences witnessing in the plaza.

To make a long story shorter, we were able to schedule values talks along with the Hope film showing in all three towns. And all three mayors came (fill you in on the details in a later post).

In my devotion time the night before, I read Joshua 6:1-2, where God told Joshua, after observing the tightness of Jericho, "See, I have given you the city..." And we felt like, even though God had remained silent on Sunday afternoon, there was something that we were not seeing, and would see in the morning. And it certainly came to pass. We feel like God is leading us to work at planting a church in Julcan first. And so, our thoughts and prayers are directed that way as we consider where we go from here.

More to come...

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