Thursday, July 9, 2009

Values in Peru

As many of you know, a team from New River, including myself, is heading back to Peru in about three weeks (July 31st). If you haven't seen the previous videos you can view them here. God is gloriously providing the necessary resources for us to go and minister in the Yanamarca Valley, and hopefully begin the foundations of new church plants there.

Originally this trip was supposed to contain a medical component, and we were going to set up a small clinic, minister, and share the gospel. But God has seen fit to prevent our medical staff from going (going to do the medical mission trip next year), and we are rethinking what we are going to do this year. One of the things that we are planning to do is to get into the schools in the valley, and do "Values" talks. The schools are very open to this sort of thing, and it allows us to present the gospel. So we will talk about personal hygiene, education, and the gospel. But so far have have not been able to find any churches that have done this kind of ministry in South America, even though I know that they exist.

So that is where you come in! If you are aware of churches or ministries that have done these "Values" talks before, we would like to talk with them about it, get outlines, etc. We are even open to suggestions from you at this point. We are really just feeling our way as we go, looking for ways to share the gospel with people who have never heard.

Definitely continue to pray that God will 1) open doors there for us. 2) Provide financially for the people that are going. 3) Work out all the logistical stuff for us to go. 4) Help us find persons of peace. 5) Provide for sustainability of the work there. 6) And most of all, that God would be glorified in us, and call out His children from darkness into His marvelous light! Also, please pray for Scott Dollar (the pastor in Canada, you can read his latest posts at his blog, the most recent of which is about our ministry in Peru) as he makes another trip there next week!

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