Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plans Coming Together!

I love it when you can see the hand of God bringing many things into line to accomplish a vision that He has given you. I love it when a plan comes together. And that is what recent days have brought at New River Baptist Church and Tifton. I feel confident that God impressed upon my heart to begin looking to lead New River to start a new congregation in Tifton. Most of our 29 Baptist Churches here look about the same, and we are losing generation after generation of younger adults, students, and children because of our unwillingness to separate tradition from gospel, and contextualize our presentation of an eternal gospel. So after sharing that vision numerous times, and nearly giving up (O me of little faith), God has been working toward accomplishing His vision for us and a new plant here in Tifton. I want to take a minute and give God glory and share what things are coming together:

  1. A church planter that we had spoken with about six months ago has reestablished communication with us. And he has come back with a passion and a sense of clarity about God's calling upon his life to begin a new church in Tifton. He is so excited and convinced that he is making preparations necessary to move his family here and begin this plant in Jan 2010. He will have much support from his home church, GBC, NAMB, and other local churches. God has truly provided a much needed piece of the puzzle
  2. Several people at New River have really softened up to the idea of beginning a new congregation in Tifton to the end that we have established a Church Planting Fund here at New River. The initial donation was $4000. And people keep designating money to it each week. And many attitudes that once were hesitant are now becoming open, and even excited about church planting.
  3. God is sending visitors to us who are interested in church planting. People who have experience in church plants previously; people who are adequately qualified for leadership; people who are very much like our target generations that we are losing in Tifton; people that are willing to sacrifice for God's cause; and people who are influential in their respective circles.
  4. And just this week, we have had a key roadblock to funding from New River for a church plant removed! This one is a minor miracle coming at just the right time. One of our committees which was involved in paving the way for some funding made a decision to pursue the vision, sacrifice for the glory of Christ and for the thousands of Tifton who don't know Christ and won't come to our churches as is. It is not a done deal yet, but a major milestone was achieved.
Pray that God will continue to line everything up for this plant at our church and through other churches that are interested in helping. If you know of any church or individual that would like to have more information or possibly support this plant, please let me know, and I will get them the info that they need to begin seeking God's face on the issue.

May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering and call out His church in Tifton!

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