Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Haven't blogged in a long time. Not much to say that has come to mind that might be helpful or impactful in people's lives, so no need to put more words out there (as if there weren't already enough). Maybe we should start worrying about word overpopulation instead of world overpopulation.

But with the elections coming up, maybe just a few things. Not really deep thoughts (plenty of wiser men have already written), not just political bullying, and not just bemoaning, just things that I think that we should think about as believers WHEN we vote.

  1. We are not of this world, we have another home and another kingdom, which is far more valuable. It's King and it's advance is our first priority.
  2. We are given the privilege to vote for our representatives and governmental leaders in this country. Even if we don't like our choices, realize the blessing. I'll stop short of saying it is a Christian duty to vote, but I think you should.
  3. God is the one who raises up kings and kingdoms, and he also removes them, and he does it all for his purposes. Sometimes we are not to know those purposes.
  4. Vote your conscience! There are not only two choices. Refuse to be bullied into doing something that goes against your convictions. Know the candidates, and the likelihood of the ramifications of your vote. It does count.
  5. There are some issues which candidates hold that are deal-breakers, such as abortion. There are some that really important. Then there are some that are preferential. 
  6. Realize that thoughtful, wise, believers may come to different conclusions, especially as it relates to the last two of the previous categories. This is okay. We can still love each other, and especially in the public sphere, we must resist the urge to respond in anger.
  7. Realize that the candidates are substantially different on many issues, but people thought that Obama was the anti-Christ and would bring the destruction of the country, and people thought that about Bush before that. America will be here after Clinton, Trump, or whoever the House of Representatives chooses if nobody reaches 270 electoral votes. Research your constitution, too. Know what happens "if..." So stop decrying the end of civilization as we know it. Politics are corrupt, shouldn't be a surprise to you.
  8. Trust Jesus Christ, fixing your eyes on the things above, pressing on toward the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ!
Just my thoughts. Thanks for both of you who read it :-) 

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