Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Wouldn't You?

This post will seem a little self-serving, but it needs to be said, regardless of my role in the related subject.

Politics, have you ever seen a politician turn down more endorsements? Bad example, I know it happens sometimes. Have you ever seen a charitable organization turn down more money? Have you ever known of a team that turns away more fans? How about a battalion of soldiers trying to take a town or a hill, ever heard of them turning down reinforcements? Of course not. Why not? These are all achievements that cannot be done alone; or at the very least, could be accomplished better with more help. So, welcome the endorsements, receive the unanticipated funds, give the fans a t-shirt and a big foam #1 hand thingy, and let the reinforcements roll in!

Now, why is it that in the white fields of the harvest of the Master, new churches are looked upon by many (not all) as danger and a threat, rather than reinforcements? If churches are laboring together to take a city and make as many disciples as possible, why not rejoice in more help? New churches in unreached areas are great! New churches in the Pacific Northwest, New England, or Canada are great too! New churches in major metropolitan areas, especially LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta are great too! New churches in rural towns, not so much. NIMBY.

Yes, I am planting a new church in my rural town.Yes, it has a lot of other churches. Yes, it has lots of believers. Yes, it has more unbelievers. Yes, our church is aiming for unbelievers. The Road is going to bring God much glory, by bringing many people to God; that's the means to the end. The end: glorify God, the means: make disciples from people who are not Christians.

Why is competition a focus, instead of kingdom advance?

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