Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leading to Death

The last piece I wrote was about a well-thought-out, courageous move for a pastor and his church in leading itself to great self-sacrifice for a greater kingdom work. Today, I write of self-centered cowards who slaughter the innocent for convenience with little thought to the gravity nor the consequences of such an action. I usually write about this a couple of times a year on this blog, and as little as I blog, you must think that half my posts are about this topic. You can see my last couple of posts pleading for your help in defending the defenseless here, Sanctity of Life MonthMake No Exceptions, and Preserving Life. However, as I have mentioned before, I work for the Pregnancy Care Center of Tiftarea, and so the topic comes up for me daily. And I realize that most people who don't work in a PRC/PCC may not think about it everyday, we all should think about it more. Churches should speak of it more. Pastors should speak of it more. We should be well-informed, and well-prepared to speak for those that have no voice.

Today is the day that the Supreme Court ruled to sign the death certificate for 57 million babies, and scar their mothers for life. Today I spoke for another Pregnancy Center in Douglas, GA at a program that they had for remembrance, repentance, and renewed determination to do all that we can do for the unborn and their mothers--for we defend them both. One of the other speakers wept before she even got to the microphone. She spoke of the friends in college who had abortion after abortion. She spoke of the stand she took, but she also spoke of the ministry that she had to them when they returned broken and bleeding (inside and sometimes outside). The worst thing that she spoke of, something that I had never thought about, were the dreams that these friends would have about their guilt and their longing for their children. She told of hearing them wake up screaming in the night...over and over. She told of the time that she spent with them as they cried all night, wailing over their baby. She said the abortion doctors didn't tell them. Powerful testimony, eye-opening, and my prayer was that we would all weep like that when we discuss it.

For those in South Georgia that would like to support us, this is the time of year that we begin preparing for our annual fundraising banquet. I'll give more information later, but you can come on your own, host a table (bring some friends), sponsor a table, give to underwrite, or volunteer. All the websites and pages aren't set up yet, but I will get them out soon.

Thanks for reading, pray for the children in the womb and their mothers, and those trying to help.

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