Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

No, I'm not going to give you the "real" history of St. Valentine, or just argue why we should or shouldn't celebrate or enjoy the day. I just want to think about something that I heard this morning related to it.

I was listening to the radio and they were talking about V-D.  They gave a statistic that said the average person spends $100 on V-D cards, gifts, or dinners. I guess I'm not average at my house.  So anyway, one of the female hosts asked the male hosts: other than gifts, what is the number thing that a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend can say to them feel special" (I think some research had be done, missed the very first of the conversation).

So the guys thought a little, and decided it had to be some words of affirmation, but they never really gave any guesses that were specific. So, she revealed that according to the study, the words, "You make me happy," were the best and highest on the list. So, then they began to analyze why that would make their wives feel special. "Do I so certain things to make her happy?" Or "do I say things that make her happy."  Or, "is it just being there." And the female host said that they were getting closer with the last one.  But the deepest answer is not simply being there, but just being.  Telling your wife that she makes you happy just because she is, and she is in your life. She exists. God made her. She is special all on her own. She just is.

Then I thought, we should be like that with God. Usually we aren't. We say that we enjoy Him because He has done so much for us. Or we say we enjoy Him because He loves us, or because He listens to us or answers prayer or saves us from sin or hell. But again, the deepest level is that He just is! We enjoy God because He is. He exists, has always and will always. He is faithful, just, true, sovereign, holy, infinite, zealous, glorious, immeasurable, eternal, wonderful, satisfying, awesome, marvelous, independent, loving, merciful, righteous, all-knowing, omnipotent, and the list could go on. He is, and He is in our lives, for those who are born again to the living hope He provides.

So, this V-D, and every day for that matter, tell your spouse they make you happy (if you really mean it); it will bless them. And more importantly, tell your God that you love Him with passion affection because He is!

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