Monday, January 20, 2014

Make No Exceptions

This Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday and was used as a reminder of the biblical principal that God holds the keys to life and death; that the image of God is imprinted on every man, woman, and child (born or preborn); and that from the moment of conception, we have a person who's days are numbered out before him/her, and who is known by his Maker.  I hope that it was focused on in gathering with your church at some level, for it is a matter of life and death for 1.5 million people in our country, as well as their mothers and fathers.

I had a woman stop by a booth that we had brought to a festival in a neighboring county. Since the clinic side of our Pregnancy Care Center is known as Women's First Choice Medical, she asked if we were against abortion.  I told her that we believed that children were a gift from God, and did not believe in abortion. She said that she didn't believe in abortion either unless the children were going to be born into a home that they would have single parents who would treat them poorly.  WHAT? I was probably not very sensitive, but I asked her if she preferred murder over a hard life?  "Oh no, that's not what I said," she remarked. I didn't take time to engage with her much more as she seemed to be moving along and rather caught off guard by the implication that abortion was murder.  BUT, that was exactly was she was saying!

In light of our culture's commonly held justifications for abortions (rape, incest, children with birth defects (funny how Jesus would not call it that John 9:3, or poor environments in which to be born), I think it is good that we go back to biblical teaching to deal with it, AND THINK. Now in reality, this only applies to a little over 1% of the number of abortions performed. But if God knits together a meter long strand of 23 paternal chromosomes with another maternal strand (and Job 10:11, David in Psalm 139:13-16, and Jeremiah 1:5 explicitly say, and many other passages imply by granting conception), and makes, at that point, a baby; is there a reason to think that He doesn't knit together babies who are formed under circumstances other than planned and intended within wedlock?

Doesn't He fashion and know those children (the name by which all babies in the womb are called in scripture) set in motion through rape and incest, we see that in the bible in the cases of Lot's daughters, Tamar, and Bathsheba.  Doesn't He oversee the formation of the lame and blind and seeing and deaf--Exodus 4:11. A study was done at a Boston hospital that showed that 92% of women who have a prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome aborted. Why, because they didn't want the child to live with difficulty? Because they didn't want to take care of her? Because the child communicated to them that he didn't want to live? Children of rape, even for all it's terrible consequences are formed by God bringing all things to good (Romans 8:28). Children molded in the womb of unwed mothers cohabiting, "hooking up," fornicating are formed by God using sin to grant the world a new life. Children of incest were formed by God allowing what He called sin to set in motion life, which He alone gives. Children with deformities are formed by God, blessing their families with lifelong heartache and joy that they would not trade for anything, whether that life is long or short-lived. Some of those ones that are predicted by doctors to be short-lived defy the odds and the doctors just to testify that God fashions our bones, organs, and muscles, but also our days, and He says when they begin and when they end.

There are no exceptions. Period. As a christian, do not let the world talk you into "exceptions." Some believers look for wiggle room, but know that biblically, logically, and philosophically, there is none. Be sensitive, loving, but stand up for all the unborn children in every case.

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