Thursday, January 2, 2014

January--Sanctity of Life Month

My second job is working for the Pregnancy Care Center of Tiftarea.  I love working there with a great group of ladies for the protection of the unborn, and their mothers from the atrocity of abortion.

January is Sanctity of Life month and so we are spending a lot of energy working with churches, donors, doctors, and the community to raise awareness of the holocaust of children in the US. I don't use that term lightly. The US will see 1.5 million children murdered in the womb in 2014 as it did in 2013. And it has seen over 55 million since 1973, when Roe vs Wade became law.  That calculates to nine times more than the holocaust. Those numbers are staggering, so maybe this video clip will help put it in perspective.  It is not graphic, simply audio.

Biblically, God calls us to be outraged at the lost of human life.  Child sacrifice was the most vicious form of this in the bible.  He was very clear, too many times to mention.  Outrage should be followed by action. Most evangelicals don't think think about the fact that each day 4000 babies are killed. What's wrong with this picture?  One writer that I was reading said it about like this, Planned Parenthood (and other pro-abortion groups and providers) are fine with Christians being pro-life as long as they keep acting like they are pro-choice.  All they need is silence to win.

Now there is way too many arguments as to why life begins at conception, and why this is not a matter of choice. But I want to call you to action.  Are you supporting a local pregnancy center?  They are the ones on the front line.  Yes, we should vote pro-life, which is a deal breaker.  Yes, we should support anti-abortion groups that are trying to change the law.  And we should support in prayer.  But supporting a pregnancy center by giving time or money is saving babies right now.  Remember the women that will have an abortion tomorrow in your town are at home tonight reeling about the decisions they are facing.  Adoption is also giving them a place to point young moms to be, and is a great way to combat abortion.  Are you doing something about your pro-life stance?  If not. silence is complacency. Apathy and indifference is not an option for believers.  Show your faith by works.

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