Friday, November 1, 2013

Many Lives Narrowly Missing Death

As I came out of the Pregnancy Care Center today, a woman stopped me and showed me a picture.  Knowing what we do there, she began to tell me this story about the picture.

This woman's sister was at a point in her life that was bringing her to her knees.  Her husband was dying of cancer and the doctors were not hopeful. Her sister also had a 16 year-old daughter, who found herself pregnant out of wedlock. This was devastating to the young teen.

She confided in the woman (her aunt), and told her about the pregnancy.  The advice that was given was something along the lines of, "you cannot have this baby.  This will crush your parents.  They are going through enough right now, and I don't know if they can handle anymore." This woman cringed as she thought about giving that advice.

Thankfully the woman's advice was not heeded.  The teen chose life, and carried "David" to term.  He become the biggest blessing to her dying father, who got to hold him for about the last year of his fleeting life. God's grace was magnified even through sin.

The picture that she showed me on her phone was that of the 3-D ultrasound of "David's" baby soon to be born into this world. The woman is now so glad that her advice was not listened to, and millions of blessings would have been lost.  Had "David" been aborted, so would his children, and their children, and so on.  One abortion costs many lives, and often we don't think about it.

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