Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Second Job: PCC

Lots of thoughts have been swirling in my head about the local church and how is should operate (whole other blog, many of them), and so my current position at the Mell Baptist Association will give me time to think.  For those of you that may not know, my position at the Mell Assocation is to coordinate the efforts of the 29 churches in our association to do ministry and missions.

Anyway, I have a second "part-time" job, which is also a ministry position.  I work for the Pregnancy Care Center/Women's First Choice Medical Center of TiftArea.  I am the Advancement Manager there, and my job is to advance the mission of our center which is to erase the perceived need for abortion in Tifton and the surrounding area.  This ministry has been operational for more than a decade, and the principle it is founded on is Psalm 139:13-16; that God creates all life, including in the womb.

Our aim is to care for women with unplanned pregnancies who are at risk for choosing abortion. Single moms, married couples, and many situations walk through our doors and call our phones each week, and our trained staff takes care of them.  We are a medical clinic, so we do have nurses on staff to operate our ultrasound machine, as well as administer pregnancy and STD tests.

We counsel all our women about their options, and especially about the dangers of abortion, and benefits of alternatives.  We are completely donor supported, so we are under no government regulations about what we say.  We are a Christian clinic.  Patients look us up and are referred to us as the Women's First Choice Medical Center.  And we are a safe place to turn for tough situations that require lots of love.

Last year we saved 50 babies and led 14 women to Christ. This year we have 36 women who have come to us ready to abort that have chosen life.  But we want to do more.  We want to spread out into outlying counties and towns (which we have never done before).  We want to speak for the unborn in places that they need us, and we are not there yet.  We want to give people an option.

We have Vision Tours here at the center that show and tell you all about our ministry and we would love for you to come and see.  But mostly we would like to come and serve you. Your communities and churches need to know that we are here.  Women are facing pressure from boyfriends and parents in those communities now, and we want to help.  If you can help us make inroads into a church or community group, we would gladly send a speaker or schedule a tour for them to come and see.  Or maybe you want to volunteer.  Any way that we can save lives, we are willing to help.

I would love to tell you a story or two about the lives changes here, even last week, but confidentiality prevents that.  Just know that God is saving the unborn here!

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