Monday, September 23, 2013

Shepherding from the Couch

Well, I preached my last sermon in "my church" yesterday.  I am no longer a pastor in the typical Southern Baptist sense of the word.  But it is interesting that we don't see that typical sense in the bible. Maybe that's a problem.  But some concepts are just to hard to think about.

Maybe in this day of social media and networking, I can shepherd people from the crafting of words on the internet.  I think there is a place for that.  It is definitely a place to find great counsel, and even community to a degree.  And so I am going to begin writing regularly with ideas and with scripture and it's teachings.

BUT, both the church and social media fail to shepherd at several points, but probably the most crucial of which is that of relationships.  Face to face, intertwining of the lives of gospel-laden people is the most important piece of shepherding.  Locking arms and living life together on a day to day basis, living out the commands of Jesus, encouraging one another, is the work of the shepherding, is the work of the church, and is the work of the shepherds.

You can do it from the couch if other believers are there with often are they for you?


  1. For some, it is quite possible to have deep, personal relationships with people over the internet. I do not believe that physical contact is necessary to live life together on a day to day basis, or to live out the commands of Jesus, or to encourage one another... at least not with our current technology.

    Godspeed in your next venture :)

    1. there have been times when Pastor Jason has talked with me in all the many ways with modern technoloy and it has been great. There are times when I just need a warm huge, a smile and for you to say "everything is going to be alright". That really works for me. Can't get that from any technology.

    2. Maybe I'm just not as good as it yet over the technology, or as disciplined to keep up. Trying both, I still stand that personal interaction is necessary for real, full, (and probably biblical, if you look at the over 50 "one another" commands given"). Nancy's right, hard to give a hug over the internet.

      So what are the best methods or techno ways that you like for deep personal investment discipling, sharing life together?