Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learning Experiences 3 - These Are Not Your Treasures

Not sure if I am even going to post Learning Experiences 1 & 2 yet.  The whole reason that I wanted to post them was to give this post some context.  So in case I don't, here is a sufficient dose of context I think.  I have been going to an intense trial for several months with far reaching implications.  I am totally not prone to discouragement, pessimism, or depression.  But I think that I was depressed for the first time ever last week (or maybe still am).

Anyway, as I was wallowing in my self-pity, searching for something, some kind of help or freedom, I came across a CD of sermon jams.  For those of you who do not know what they are, they are clips of sermons that people preach, that other people think are good, that those other people cut out, set to music (usually more of the rap genre, which I do not prefer, which is why I don't listen to sermon jams much, but I guess when you are depressed, you try things you don't normally try) and put on a CD.

I did this while I was reorganizing the church library.  And one of these tracks, despite what my daughter described as "creepy" music, had a really good message that helped me.  I have since found that it hasn't helped others as much as it helped me, but it might help you.  So, I am just passing along something that I found that helped me.  And if you can get by the creepy music, maybe it will help you too.  It is an iTunes audio clip, so if I can get it up here, check it out.  I will also link it to my Dropbox file, if you do Dropbox.  And here it is on YouTube.  It's good.

Here is the link or clip.

Thanks for reading (or listening)

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