Monday, December 31, 2012

Share Everything?

Should we share everything in a journal?

I have been keeping a journal for a while now for purposes of reflection and so forth.  But I constantly have this question.  I think that I expect my journal to be read, even if it's after I am dead.  And so I sometimes think, "do I really want my great grandchildren to know that?"  On blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc, most of us consider what we say, and don't post everything we think.

On the other hand, that's kinda the point of a journal, right--to be able to write out your thoughts and occurrences in your life the way that you see them? What about disagreements with your spouse?  Major sins of others in the family?  How often you think about sex? Maybe you have other things that you are careful about ever putting into words.  And now with electronic means of saving what you right, could it fall into hands of the wrong people?

Just curious what you think?  I know, it's random, sorry.  That's how my brain works.  Also, if you have tips about your experiences with journaling, or a favorite journaling app, I would be interested too.

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