Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peru August 2012

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged.  I will try to do better.

I wanted to give a quick update on our trip, because we didn't have access to WiFi while we were there, and I couldn't send nightly updates.

We had a really good trip.  Most of this trip was maintenance to the five way covenant that we made with our Peruvian partners, along with some strategy planning for the future of the works in Molinos and Julcan.

We lost a day and a half of time while stuck in Lima because the buses cancelled their routes to Jauja because of a strike in town.  It was a good thing, because the strike turned violent, and one person was killed.  And when we arrived in Jauja on Friday night there were still a lot of boulders in the road blocking the town off.  But we did spend the day at New Life Children's Home in Ceineguilla (sp?), which is part of Mike Kennedy's work Peru Missions.  We had a great time there seeing the children that we have come to love so much. Although there were mixed emotions when I found out that Emma (one of the children that stole my heart had been adopted, and was no longer there.

Once we got to Jauja, we checked into our new hostal at 10 pm at about 40 degrees (bathrooms are outside with no heat in any of the rooms), but glad to be back. Saturday morning we met with pastor Romulo and Rolando to discuss the work in Molinos.  They had fixed breakfast for us. They expressed their deep commitment continuing the work there.  They had been very faithful to their covenant responsibilities.  Such a strong bond between us even though we have only known them for about 6 months.

The work in Molinos needs several things.  It needs a new place to meet that is more readily accessible and convenient.  It needs a massive evangelism ministry (including stateside teams). And still it needs some consider leadership from the people in Molinos.  Pray for Romulo, Paulina, and Julia and their work there.

The work in Julcan needs a boost in determination to carry out some of the plans that they have made.  They also need a place that they can meet during a different time.  They also need some adults.  Most of the ones coming are children.  Pray for Hugo and his work there.

Oscar has had many health and family issues that are forcing him to end his ministry with us, and head back to Lima to deal with these things.  So this trip we worked on a plan for transition.  Pray that this transition goes without a hitch.  We had a lot of loss when we switched from Miguel to Oscar.  And pray for Oscar, he is really discouraged.  He feels like a failure.  He has many issues that he must deal with, although he still has a heart for ministry.

Finally pray for the communication gap that we are leaving now with Oscar gone.  We don't have anyone in the area that speaks English well, but we are looking for one.  The Alianza church in Concepcion has a pastor's wife who speaks English, but we haven't asked her to do this for us in hopes of finding someone a little closer.  Also pray for the future ministry of New River there.  I see our partnership transforming into something a little different.  Pray for First Baptist and their continuing presence, as well as other churches that are willing to come along side them and pick up the torch of physical presence in the area.

Here is a link to an audio version of this report given at New River on Sunday night.  And I have one more story to tell of the Jerry Springer wedding we went to, but I will do another post about it.  We had a great time, and God worked in and through us during this trip. 

Let me remind you, there WILL be churches in the Yacus Valley one day.  We are still confident that God is working in those areas, and will call a people unto Himself.  He will make for Himself a great name in the villages surrounding Jauja, and preserve the eternies of many there.  I really appreciate your faithulness in prayer and ministry.

In the Great Name of Almighty Jesus,

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