Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Word of Thanks from Don

In the words of my hero Gomer Pyle: " Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank ya", for all your prayers sent up on our behalf as we served Christ as your repesentatives in Peru these past few days. We weren't able to see all goals we had hoped for (no baptisms) but progress was made in all the other areas. What a wonderful comfort we had each time we met a new challenge to know that you were holding the ropes for us. Striving to build the Kingdom in a cross cultural environment is a challenge but that's the Father's heart and we saw His hand at work in the Yacus Valley and the area around Jauja, Peru.

Now, instead of partnering with one church and having one national (man on the ground) working regularly in our two targeted villages, we brokered an agreement-- signed partnership covenant-- where we have two local churches from two different Evangelical denominations working with three nationals (men on the ground) who have agreed to work with three different fellowship groups in Julcan and Molinos. This is more than we imagined could be accomplished at this time, but goes to show us what can be done when God is allowed to work even through broken and weak vessels. And I want to emphasize that each of you had a part in this as you lifted our efforts to the Father.

There is still worlds of work to be done and the evil one will do all he can to sidetrack any progress of the Gospel so please continue to pray.

This week I am asking you to pray specifically for Oscar. Jason and I believe that Oscar has been given to this work for such a time as this. Pray for the following for Oscar:
1. Pray that Oscar will be able to find a way to support himself by Aug 1, 2012. (that is part of the covenant he signed). Tough, but not impossible. Either a job or small business.
2. Pray that Oscar can be freed from some family "baggage" that limits his effectiveness.
3. Pray that Oscar can work harmoniously with Hugo and Pastor Moises.
4. Pray that Oscar can/will be submissive to Pastor Romulo's mentorship.
5. Pray that Oscar would develop personal study and quiet time habits that would ensure his walk with Christ will be contagious.
6. Pray that Oscar will find a way to build relationships with men of the villages, evangelize them, lead them to be baptized, that they would lead their entire families to be Christ-followers and through this, churches would be established that will be self supporting and self reproducing thru lay-led leadership.

If you would like to receive future updates of some needs you can pray for in our targeted area of Peru, please reply to this email so you can be included in the future. Only in Heaven will we know the impact of your prayer involvement. The year 2012 is critical for us because the agreement between the groups was for one year and our involvement in the future depends on the next 12 months.

Please be assured of our heartfelt thanks,
Jason and Don

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