Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peru November

Just a reminder that our trip to Peru in November is fast approaching. So far I have commitments from a few individuals and pastors to go with us. But I have heard from some of you that you are considering going with us. Please call, email, comment, facebook, send a pigeon, or the snail mail, but I need to know. I will begin looking for tickets and making all the IMB preparation within the next couple of weeks.

I will leave you with a quote from Matt Papa's new album: "Go, go, He's called us to go, and take His love to the world! He wants them to know, to know, that He is the truth, so as the Father sent Him, so He sends you...are you content just working your nine to five, while the souls of men and children die..."

Come and go with us, until they have all heard the good news of Christ,

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