Tuesday, April 27, 2010

November Mission Trip to Peru

Just got done ordering plane tickets for our Peru mission team that is going down there in June--what a hassle! I think this is the first time that I have ordered tickets any later that about months out. MISTAKE. Cost us some time and some money. Actually, we are stewards of both, on loan to us from God, for use in His kingdom.

Therefore, I am determined not to make that mistake again. So I am doing a couple of things in order that I might order tickets much earlier.

So let me tell you about our next mission trip. This November we are going on a trip that has two objectives: 1) check on our churches, 2) take pastors and other staff along and introduce them to Peru. It is obvious why we are going down to check on our churches, but why take pastors? Well, one of our overall objectives in addition to planting churches, is getting others to help us in the work there. We envision a revival of church planting in these areas with no churches. We would love to see our whole region of Junin covered up with church plants. But we know we can't do it all.

All of you are welcome to go with us (pastors or not), but this is a good trip for pastors because we are not doing any big projects. They are the big project, and I plan on spending lots of time with them. And there are village after village after village, thousands of people perishing without Christ in the Central Andes of Peru. We are all called to engage the world so that every tribe and tongue and people and nation will be there in glory with us.

The dates are Nov 6-13, 2010. I have a couple of pastors who are thinking about going, and several of my church members too. If you are thinking about it, pray hard. I really want to have firm commitments by Aug 1st, so I can get the good ticket prices and flight times. Or if you have a pastor that needs or wants to get started in an international work, our contacts with the IMB and locally in Jauja will make it easy for you if God is leading you there.

Come with us, bring your pastor, or just pay his way to go. Please feel free to contact me with questions that you may have. Hope to see you in Peru this fall!

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