Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pray for the People of the Yacus Valley

Wow, thoughts about this week overwhelm my tiny little brain. My desperation for His hand and His presence upon us is intense. I will try to do a couple of posts this week for you to be able to pray according to knowledge. I will publish a daily prayer guide for you right before we go.

But for a couple of days, please spend some time meditating and interceding for the people of Jauja, Julcan, and Molinos.

1) Pray for our Peruvian church planters. These young men and ladies are sacrificing their time to help us plant churches in these areas. We will be doing some pastoral training for them preparing them to shoulder the leadership role with these new churches. Pray for their understanding and passion. Pray for Tim who will be doing most of this training.

2) Pray for the believers that are already there now. These are new believers and this week we will be teaching them about baptism and gathering as the church. Pray that many will be ready to receive baptism on Thurs. Pray for homes to open up for meeting places. Pray for their understanding of "the church" to be biblical and different from the Catholic culture. Pray for their growth and commitment. Pray for Me and Aaron as we disciple them.

3) Pray for the hundreds of non-believers that will see and hear the gospel this week. Pray that God will open many hearts and they will repent, take up their cross, sell out for the treasure, and pursue Him fervently. Pray for the gospel to be clearly and powerfully presented. Pray for the children in the camps that they would believe on Him as well. Pray for our camp workers and for Mike and Robbie as they present the gospel each night.

May we be used to storm the strongholds of hell, and may the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering!

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