Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peru Review

As many of you know, we had a great trip to Peru this past week, and I wanted to update you on a couple of the highlights

Other than me forgetting my passport on the day that we left, and writing "Go Vols" on the back of one of the missionaries' truck who is a rabid Ole Miss fan, most of the highlights that I share are more serious. I will include a couple of video posts later when I get them done.

It was really great to begin to see some of the people of the village on multiple trips now. And the amazing part is that they have begun to recognize us. The mayors and the school principals are really beginning to trust us, and continue to open the doors wide for our ministry there. One of the schools actually challenged us to a game of baseball when we come back in the summer! They had a big send off for our team before we left.

We also ran into a regional government official that saw one of our evangelistic movies, and wanted to know if they could have a copy to show all over the region to encourage family values! They also wanted to know if we could go and show it in other villages in our area that they are working with. So we are praying for other churches and pastors to adopt these other areas, and the government will invite and promote our agenda in those towns. What an opportunity for the gospel!

It was so good to see "the church" there in Julcan and Molinos. They were all excited about possibly beginning to gather on a regular basis. We did have a difficult time getting them all to come to the discipleship meetings, but some did come. We did not get to baptize any this week, but we will in God's time. And it was good to see some of them "walking in the truth."

We had great time (and were very grateful to Tim for) training our local pastors/helpers there. Miguel, Preyer, Sergio, and Gabriel met with Tim each day for a couple of hours learning about the role and calling of the shepherd of this group of believers. And it seems that Gabriel will be taking the lead role in Julcan and Molinos.

The movies in both villages went well too. We had hundreds that heard the gospel for the first time this week. May the Lord bring forth fruit in their lives! We had over 20 that requested more follow up about having a relationship with Christ!

Baseball camps went great too! We had these Peruvians playing baseball after four days of instruction. The children loved it, and it really gave us an opportunity to build relationships and share the gospel.

Lots of laughs, relationships formed, and spiritual growth took place among our team. And this had to be one of the best, most talented, hardest-working (I about killed them), and gracious teams that I have ever been with.

More to come, but begin to pray afresh for the follow up from our Peruvians; for Gabriel in particular; for the team and the trip that will take place in June; for pastors to go with us in November and gain a heart for the area; and for baptisms to eventually take place!

Thanks for your faithfulness!

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