Monday, March 1, 2010

Church Thoughts from Sunday

I am gonna start trying to encourage us to practice “applied Christianity” by emailing you on the first of the week, reminding you of a couple of major thoughts/applications from the sermons/teachings/discussions from the Sunday before. I am also going to try to give a preview of the next week’s. And I am going to try to put them up on the blog too, to maybe minister to readers there. I will include a link each week to the blog, but here it is, and you can subscribe as well.

I thought that we had a great day yesterday. We had a number of visitors yesterday, some local, some from away. But we also had several visiting families that were not there too. Remember them in prayer, call, email, visit, etc. I thought the worship went really well yesterday, despite the missing worship team members and change in venue in the evening service.

Had several people say that they really benefit from the PowerPoint slides for the sermons, so will probably start that back. The other thing that I will do for those of you who can’t write fast as I talk, is attach the sermon notes on this email. If you can’t open the attachment, you can go here, and get the notes and audio as well. But I thought that it might be helpful for those that really want to zone in on the sermon rather than the wall.

From the morning message: 1) remember that love is not proud, so work on thinking of others more, yourself less today; 2) love is not rude (so along with me) work on guarding what you say and how you say it, restrain your tongues and put forth your best manners today toward coworkers and family; 3) love is not selfish, so work on denying self and trying to figure out ways to lay down your agenda’s for others today.

From the night message: 1) let me encourage you to do the word that you know, 2) I know that you can work on the spiritual disciplines of bible intake and prayer. Grab verse for the day, and begin committing it to memory, write it down on a post it note. Can’t think of a verse, try Deut 10:12-13 (mine for the week), or Prov 18:7 (a personal one for me, as I strive to kill sin in my own heart). 3) teachers and ministry leaders, continue to reflect on ways that you can encourage your class toward obedience—reviewing, accountability, training.

Thank you for your flexibility with the service arrangements on Sunday nights (and Wednesdays). There are still a few bugs to work out, and we are on top of it, but feel free to make suggestions as we attempt to worship with our hands raised and live within our means as a church.

Thank you for providing a loving fellowship and support for my growing family to thrive in. Let me also encourage you to share your stories of faith and answered prayer and miracles in your lives with my children. I was reminded this weekend that we must pass on the faith as a community to our children. I am glad to be a part of New River Baptist Church!

Pursuing Christ,


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