Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prayer for our March Peru Trip 2

One of our leaders for this trip, Geoff Clement, put together this prayer guide for all those that would partner with us to pray for us and our trip. He is also putting together a daily prayer guide for the trip as well. Might post that one too! Thanks for reading, and many thanks for praying for us!

Pray especially for:

• Peru in general: almost 2 million of the 30 million people of Peru have no adequate access to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ — Plead earnestly for the people of Peru!

• The 3 mayors and other leaders, for God’s continued favor

• Our church planters: Pastor Moises, Miguel, Sergio, Preyer, Anyeshla, Alia, Gabriel, Nehemas, . . .

• 10 godly men in each town (Julcan, Masma, and Molinos) as the foundation for faithful churches

• God’s Spirit’s work to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the Yacus and Yanamarca Valleys

• Pastor Jason Jones, Pastor Mike Gibbs, Geoff Clement, Jason Doggett, John Farrar, Aaron Gibbs, Brittany Gibbs, Tim Harris, Liz Hughes, Chuck Pickens, Robby & Griffin Rowe, Jessica Spicer, Margaret Treadway, Rebekah West

  1. Pray for unity (15 missionaries from 6 churches), humility, servanthood, and teamwork.
  2. Pray for logistical transportation needs, especially for two very long stretches of travel to and from Jauja and as we travel from Jauja to the pueblos.
  3. Pray for good health, especially as we adjust to the high elevation.
  4. Pray that we will lean heavily on God for rest, daily bread, and refreshment.
  5. Pray that we will let God’s Word “dwell in us richly”.
  6. Pray that we will “pray without ceasing” and be sensitive to His Spirit.
  7. Pray for wisdom as we “speak the truth in love” in the plazas and in the countryside.
  8. Pray that we will interact well with the children as we teach baseball skills, using sports as a platform for ministry.
  9. Pray for God to open hearts to His glorious gospel, that people would understand that salvation is all of God — by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for God’s glory alone!
  10. Pray that we will submit to God’s agenda for each day — that we will “abide in Him” moment by moment and see every encounter as God’s divine appointment.
  11. Pray that we will learn as much Spanish as we can.
  12. Pray that financial support will come in for each team member ($1,200 per person) — We trust God to provide for us through His people!
  13. Pray that we will “put on the full armor of God” according to Eph 6:10-19; the battle is the Lord’s, and so is the victory!

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  1. Thanks, Jason, for the reminders to pray. We need to rely on Him and labor in prayer for the people we will soon visit. May God do a work that only He can do, and may we experience His abiding presence as we "go and make disciples" for His glory alone.