Monday, November 30, 2009

Mission Accomplished! Part 1

We had a really great trip to Jauja, Peru this time. God truly showed Himself mighty on our behalf! And we felt like we accomplished much of what we intended to do. I know, it's been a little while since I've written, so what was that?

First, I think we paved the way for Craig to lead a trip down there by himself in the future. That was high on the list. We also were able to get many things in order for a couple of return trips in 2010 from New River. We talked with the mayors of Julcan and Molinos specifically about our plans to return in March and do a baseball camp, and return also in July (maybe) and do a medical trip. Both towns are prepared to rearrange the school calender to allow the kids to participate with us on our trips there. We also got several other ideas that might be helpful for future trips, like English camps.

It was also very encouraging to talk with several individuals whom I believe have become believers after our trip there in August. Many were really excited about the possibility of beginning a church there, and committed to help us. This is Leslie (to the left), very much transformed from August, and poised to help with the church in Julcan. We also met several people who were not yet born-again believers, but that were very interested in what was going on with us, and wanted to be involved.

We also got to spend a lot of time with Miguel, Sergio, Preyer, Alia, and Anyeshla, and Nehemias, which is our church planting team in Jauja. We did some training, but much vision casting about where all this is heading. And they seem to be very much committed to the advance of the gospel in the Yacus Valley. We are awaiting the first reports of follow up since our trip there a couple of weeks ago.

We really put a lot of emphasis on our March trip and the work that we will do there in addition to the baseball camp. We will be trying to teach some English classes, especially to those that we are working with in Jauja. I will also be teaching each night in March, with an emphasis on the birth of the church there. My hope is to baptize Peruvians in March in Julcan, and maybe in Molinos! Please pray to that end!

More to come, part 2 tomorrow...

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  1. Thanks, Pastor Jason, for this blog.

    It's good to hear what God is doing in Julcan, Molinos and Masma. Praying for fruitful trips in March and July. We're also committed to pray for the disciplers that God is raising up in these communities.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!