Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing Life III

In our time together we quickly discovered two things. First, an hour wasn't enough time. And that what we were doing was well worth it. We saw that the triad atmosphere is different than a small group study, Sunday School, and definitely preaching. We noticed how open we became with each other over the first six weeks or so. We noticed how we all looked forward to the time together. And often if one had to miss, the other two met, even though they didn't do the material for the week.

We would suggest that you commit at least an hour and a half. Trust me, you will want to. On the other hand, you don't have to finish each lesson in the allotted time. Both groups regularly took two weeks to do a lesson because the discussion was so good. We all got to ask all the questions that we wanted to ask, and wrestle with them together. Remember, not content based, but relationship based. There are 25 lessons in the manual, and 52 weeks in a year, you got time.

One criticism that we had was that the first page in each lesson was not very helpful. We ended up skipping it in both groups most of the time. It did give the scripture memory and study passage for the week, but that was about the extent of its usefulness.

Three things that we would add. We would add a component of daily intercession on behalf of your other triad members. This is something that we found ourselves doing anyway often, but we felt like it would be good to be more intentional about it. Secondly we would add a fellowship component outside of the weekly meeting. It would be neat for families to get involved in the deepening rerelationships that are forming. It would also give us a chance to model biblical fellowship to others. Thirdly, we would do a couple of lessons on very practical issues. The study is very general in some aspects. And for men's triads, I would add lessons on being a good husband, sexual purity, and family worship. These are just some of the areas that could have been dealt with more thoroughly if the study was gender or age specific. But again, the study is broad enough where you can work all these things in when you want to.

I am firmly convinced that if we truly want to make disciples in our churches, that we must do some things different. And one thing that we must do is get back to one on one/two discipling over the long term, pouring our lives into one another. Without the use of this tool, I forsee more great difficulty and failure in our goal to make disciples (not that this tool guarantees success, just that it is necessary). For in the end our first two triads I am fully anticipating the results that we are now standing firmer in Christ and closer to our brethren, as well and poised and inspired to continue the process of making more disciples, and advancing the kingdom!

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