Monday, September 14, 2009

Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet

This weekend our church reached out to the law enforcement community in Tift County. We wanted to let them know that we really appreciate the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis. As a chaplain, I have a small window into the things that they put up with on a regular basis from the public, the stress that wears on their families and other relationships, the long swing shift hours, the image impressed upon them by us, the potential life and death situations they face, and all of this with a very meager wage.

So we invited a former deputy, former state trooper, who now operates a ministry to law enforcement officers to come and share with them over dinner provided by our church, complete with homemade desserts.

Brian Stewart of Simple Message Ministries did a wonderful job connecting with the officers and sharing the gospel. He also brought Law Enforcement New Testaments to give out to all the officers. Our ladies (and men) did an excellent job cooking, organizing, and serving. And the whole night was great.

We invited four agencies and their families to come: the Georgia State Patrol, the Tift County Sheriff's Office, the Tifton Police Department, and the ABAC Police Department. I think that we had about 100-120 people come. We were hoping for a few more, but we know that God truly ministered to those who came.

Please pray for our Law Enforcement family here in Tift Co. They are a very honorable group of men and women who serve incessantly. Pray for their families who deal with a lot because of their service. The divorce rate nears 80% in LEO (Law Enforcement Officers), life expectancy is reduced by 21 years compared to the general population, and suicide and alcohol abuse is much greater than the general population. Also, pray for Brian Stewart and his unique ministry to LEOs. This is his full-time endeavor, along with his wife and three children. I fully endorse his ministry if you are ever doing events like these. And finally, pray for my ministry as a chaplain, and that of our church. Pray that much fruit will come with time as we gain trust and opportunity to ministry.

And to all of you who helped make this happen, THANKS! May your reward be showered upon you! You did a great job!

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