Monday, April 27, 2009


Mark 16:17-18a And these signs will follow those who believe:...they will take up serpents....

I guess I am an authentic believer by Jesus' definition! Or just a little bit crazy. I turned around while I was in the garden today and found this beauty--an Oak Snake.

Jesus never said that they had to be poisonous; nor did He say that they wouldn't bite (although this one didn't even try), or that you wouldn't die...just that real hard-core believers would handle snakes!

I took it in the house to show the girls (who were in the bath tub) and they got to pet it, and then I released it in between the mailbox and the garden. Maybe I'll catch it again someday. This one was very docile. It made my day. Simple things amuse simple minds...

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  1. See, and everyone thought I was crazy for my snake! Oh, by the way, Bram died last year. He was 15 years old!