Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recent Posts About Church Planting

In recent days, t here have been three really good posts on church planting in the blogosphere. And I just wanted to share them with you. You can find one from Kevin Colon (a CP friend of mine in CO) here. Al Mohler (the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) here. And one from JD Greear (the pastor at The Summit Church in Durham, NC) here. All of these just simply confirm what is biblically evident--that we should be planting churches! All of us, all the time. Healthy churches (more on this later) should seek to multiply themselves! And you know I am a church planter at heart. And those of you who read this blog regularly have seen my post about what God is doing to plant a church here in Tifton. We had a missions committee meeting last night, and everyone is really excited. And I am confident that our church will be able to recognize the hand of God at work and desire to get involved with Him. Keep us in prayer as we seek to build the kingdom here in Tifton. Pray specifically for New River's pursuit of this opportunity; for our association's full support; for other church partners to financially support it; for Benji and Brittany (our planter and his wife); and for the selection of our core group! May God be glorified as He builds His church!

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